Charlotte Crosby Experience


Monday-Friday 9 PM

The world has seen a lot of Charlotte Crosby, most of her in fact. But until now, she’s seen very little of the world (apart from the pub, the club and the beach). She’s had a very sheltered upbringing. Ok, it’s one where getting ‘mortal’ at the weekends, weeing in public and flashing your bum are acceptable. That’s about to change. Charlotte’s breaking out of her Geordie bubble to experience life among some of world’s most extreme communities –Arctic Inuits, Indian Royalty, Tokyo’s Furisode-san and the Hutterites of Manitoba. About as far you can get from her life in the North East of England. Naive, funny, outrageous and without any boundaries, Charlotte reckons she can get on with just about anyone, anywhere. Now she’s going to put to the test. Nothing in her life so far has prepared her for this experience but then again, nothing has prepared these communities for an experience like Charlotte…

Like you've never seen her before, Charlotte Crosby, winner of Celebrity Big Brother comes to TLC this April with her brand new and exclusive series: The Charlotte Crosby Experience. Join the reality star as she swaps the nightclubs of Newcastle to live with four of the world's most extraordinary communities.From Geishas to Inuits, Charlotte travels to Japan, India, Canada and even the Arctic Circle to experience and embrace unfamiliar cultures, costume and ways of living - but can the girl who said she "can get along with every one, anywhere, anytime" live up to these tradition society's strict rules and customs? This mischievous, but lovable Geordie Lass - who once asked her parents if you need Euros to visit London - is in for a big culture shock, but what TLC wants to know is the world ready for The Charlotte Crosby Experience?

Charlotte Letitia Crosby was one of the founding cast members of MTV's Geordie Shore.  Famed for her uniquely honest, no holds-barred approach to life, Charlotte has gone from strength to strength across seven series of the show. Then, in summer of 2013 Charlotte decided to use the opportunities afforded to her following the success of Geordie Shore to reach a wider audience and become one of the housemates on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother. She was immediately adored by the public and excelled in the daily tasks, winning the show outright and sending her popularity soaring to new levels. With 1.7 million Twitter followers and starting her own clothing line - there's no stopping Charlotte.  Now a fully-fledged star, Charlotte has a regular presenting slot on ITV's This Morning; one of the UK's most popular morning shows on TV. She also hosted Radio 1's 'Teen Awards' and regularly features on X Factor's spin off discussion show 'The Extra Factor'. Now, Charlotte has own show "The Charlotte Crosby Experience" where she leaves the comforts of home behind for amazing adventures in Japan, India and Canada. How does she feel about this new chapter?

Episode 1:

Poise, grace, stillness. Three words we don’t usually associate with Charlotte Crosby but all qualities she has to learn in order to become a Furisode-san. In the tradition of the Geisha, these young women wear white make-up and Kimonos and entertain clients with dance and conversation. Charlotte, unable to speak any Japanese, convinced that she is going to see the Great Wall of China, tries to become more ‘concentrated’. As she attempts to become a geisha, she has a go at 'the Zen' meditation. Will her small talk about Alan Shearer make the grade? There’s plenty to distract her in Tokyo too including the enticing ‘Cuddle’ cafes where she goes for some home-from-home comforts.

Episode 2:

Charlotte Crosby is about to have the culture shock of her life as she touches down in India and has to get her head around becoming part of an Indian Royal Household. As Princess ‘Chatvi’, Charlotte prepares to play her part in a three day Royal Wedding. First she’s got to learn a thing or two about the finer points of Indian etiquette at a finishing school. How will her cultural contributions go down when she tries to bring a little bit of Newcastle to the party with her favourite dance - the ‘slut drop’? And as she struggles to even pronounce the word ‘Maharajah’, how will she cope when she has to charm royalty? And will she finally fulfil her dream of meeting a majestic Indian elephant?

Episode 3:

Charlotte’s best subject at school was RE. She got a ‘B’. So she’s pretty confident that she’ll fit right in with the Anabaptist Hutterite Community of Crystal Springs. When she’s told that Beyoncé, her favourite recording artist, is considered ‘immoral’, things start to get a bit sticky. They don’t even like Miley Cyrus. Can Charlotte put aside her Twenty First Century distractions and attitudes to take up the 19th garb of this strict religious community that has cut itself off from the rest of the world on the snowy plains of Manitoba?

Episode 4:

Being from the North East, Charlotte’s well used to braving freezing weather in next to nothing but Nunavut in the North of Canada is in a whole different league. 200 miles inside the arctic circle this is home to a native Inuit population. It’s a tough existence , they’re a tough people and they don’t believe in lengthy conversations. With some extreme survival training and a massive arctic coat, Charlotte attempts to live as they do, but how will she cope with temperatures touching minus fifty, with a diet consisting of raw Walrus meat, creating yellow snow and with the ever present possibility of being mauled by Polar bears?

Episode 5:

Charlotte Crosby is finally home and reunited with her mum, dad and little brother after travelling the world. Here she unpacks previously unseen footage and tells all about her funniest and most revealing moments of The Charlotte Crosby Experience. What have been her biggest life lessons as she travelled around the world – was it that water flows up and as well as out of Japanese toilets? Was it that anyone can be taught to slut drop? Or that Indian hen parties don’t normally involve penis straws?

In addition she’ll share her thoughts about what happened during her visit to the strict Hutterite colony, and the taste of raw walrus.  Charlotte unpacks some unseen footage for this final episode of her worldwide experience including Igloo building with Inuits, a visit to an Indian Astrologer, and a trip to a Robot Café in Tokyo.  Oh, and a panda riding a cow.