Girls In Charge

Girls In Charge

Saturday - Sunday, 10 am - 3 pm


Queens Of Comedy - Every Day 3 pm

 TLC India brings you Queens of Comedy, a platform for female comics who are ready to serve humour in every meal. The show is on the lookout for the country’s funniest, most talented aspiring female comedian who can tickle the audience’s funny bone, leave them in splits (And other cliche comedy phrases). Top contenders then fight (Queens of Comedy does not encourage violent behavior, it’s a strictly witty business) for the coveted title of India’s first Queen of Comedy.Girlfriends – Starts 22 Nov, Every Night 10 pm


Girlfriends - Starts 13th November, Every Night 9pm

3 gorgeous single women, in different ages with different life experience and from different backgrounds, come together for a common goal - to find true love. For three months they will share their lives, go on dates together and support one another as they embark on their journey. On the one hand, it is the collective journey of three women who support and push each other forward, and yet, it is also the individual journey of each woman to find her true love; each woman with her own fears, inhibitions, and needs. This inherent duality is what creates the drama and interesting mix of emotions.


Making Mr. Right – Every Night 9 pm


Making Mr. Right, determines just how far three women will go to find true love. With the help of veteran matchmaker April Beyer, three single women pose as "expert matchmakers" to pull a ruse on 14 unsuspecting guys who think they've signed up for a show called "Match Me If You Can." Brittany Skipper, Lindsay Osborne and Rachel Seeker pretend to find these guys true love, but in reality are there to mold the guys into their own versions of "Mr. Right." In order to find their Mr. Right, the "matchmakers" put the men through a series of challenges designed to test not only their dating skills, but also to reveal their flaws with their animated personalities and dating personas, the process gets very intense. Brittany, Lindsay and Rachel get an insider's point-of-view coaching these men, molding them and showing them what it takes to be the perfect partner. Besides jaw-dropping make-overs and difficult challenges, the contestants are also given the opportunity to showcase their romantic abilities by being professional, charming and sexy for their "matchmakers." The contestants who demonstrate charisma and poise, might unknowingly win the hearts of their 'matchmakers' and find true love themselves.


Take Me Out, Mon-Fri 10pm

This provocative, highly visual and electrifyingly funny hit dating show is where first impressions really do count! Thirty ladies with attitude have one quick glance to decide whether to keep a guy in the show or not by keeping their lights on or off. The longer each guy lasts, the more is revealed about him.