Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics


Monday - Friday 8 PM

In Jamie's Super Food Family Classics, world renowned chef, Jamie Oliver, is on a mission to freshen up all our family favourites to ensure they are packed with goodness, nutritionally balanced and, of course, super-achievable to put together helping everyone lead healthier, happier lives. Jamie will arm you with the knowledge to create nutrition-packed recipes at home these are ultimate family favourites and classic comfort food dishes that the whole family will enjoy.

In this series, Jamie will explore some of the healthiest places on the planet to find out what the locals are eating and how they're living to help keep them so healthy. From the volcanic island of Jeju in Korea and the alpine beauty of Switzerland to the warm winds of Sardinia in Italy, Jamie is inspired by who he meets and what he eats. Back in the UK, Jamie turns what he's learnt into super-delicious meals for the family table, packed with all the nutrients needed to help keep usfiring on all cylinders think pastas, traybakes, soups and salads, as well as healthy breakfast ideas and a whole bunch of kitchen hacks to help extra-busy people kick off meals with ease.For Jamie, super foods aren't faddy, unusual ingredients it'ssimpler than that. This series is about everyday ingredients and how to choose the best combination to give you a brilliant boost of goodness, resulting in a positive impact on you and your family's health.

It's all about recipes that will tickle your taste buds, will fill you up, but will also fuel, revive, restore and energise.We all love hearty, comforting food that doesn't scrimp on flavour, and with Jamie's Super Food Family Classicsyou, your friends and family can enjoy your absolute favourites dishes any day of the week, with the added bonus that they're good for you, too. It's a win-win situation once you've tasted the recipes, you won't look back.

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