Ladies First

TLC brings to you short episodes of the best bunch of shows for the women out there. Watch out for these:

Ishq Online
While swiping for love, it's important to put photos that show who you are out. Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone are here to help women find love at first swipe.

Pyaar Possible
Finding love isn’t always easy. Dating can be awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times. But what happens when you have to reveal a medical condition to a potential partner? How do you tell a date you’re hiding a secret? When is the best time to do it? And what happens when you do?

Labor Games
'Labor Games' is a fun, heartwarming and outrageous new game show that invites viewers to share the most intimate and life changing time in a couples' lives - inside a delivery room, while the mother is in labor! Host Lisa Arch will surprise parents-to-be and give them a chance to win incredible prizes for their baby, before the child even leaves the womb! The couple will have to correctly answer 7 child-related questions and challenges. For each question they get right, they can win prizes such as a year supply of diapers, all leading up to the chance to win a huge chunk of money towards their baby's college tuition. As they progress in the game, contractions will get worse, emotions will rise and anything can happen in this one-of-a-kind game show.

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