Three gorgeous single women, at different ages with different life experiences, embark on a common journey – to find their match. For three months, they will share their lives, go on dates, and support one another in their search for love. In a twist on the typical mechanism of reality dating, the 3 women start their process with nationwide auditions, deciding on the spot who is worth dating and who is not. But our bachelorettes are not the only ones calling the shots. Just as in real life, the decision always has to be mutual—and both the man and the woman must want to continue dating. And so, after hundreds of auditions and dozens of dates, the final decisions of their journey must be made. Who will find love?


April Francis - 29
Originally from Michigan, April Francis runs three businesses in Chicago. She launched a fashion service called Haute Closet, created the trendy Dose Market in Chicago which combines food and fashion, and consults for high-end spas. Although she is passionate about her career, April is a self-described "maternalist" and would give it all up for the opportunity to be a wife and mother.

Rachel Harley - 34
When Rachel Harley was pregnant with her second child in 2010, she lost her husband, Kit, to brain cancer. While continuing to mourn his loss, the Chicago native has raised their children, Bradyn and Reese, continued working at a pharmaceutical company and became an organizer for Harley Helping Hands, a non-profit organization that raised $80,000 for Rachel's family. Through the organization, Rachel has helped to raise more than $250,000 for Chicago-area individuals battling brain cancer. She is ready to date again, but needs a partner who will respect that she is a widow with children.

Libby Lopez - 24
Libby Lopez grew up on a ranch in Stockton, Calif., where she tended and participated in showing cattle. At the age of 12, Libby's parents got divorced, which made her realize that she does not want to go through a divorce, nor does she want to end up in a loveless marriage. She has been modeling since she was 18-years-old and enjoys working both in front of and behind the camera. She was raised in the Baptist Church and her strong faith in God is a priority in her life. She will not date a man unless he shares her religious beliefs.

Alex Miranda - Host
Alex Miranda grew up in Miami, Fla. The 26-year-old has hosted television shows including "Tucson Morning Blend," "The Juice" on Plum TV, and "Travels with Nixon," which aired in Maine and New Hampshire.


“My Guy is Out There”
29-year-old entrepreneur April Francis, 34-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep Rachel Harley and 24-year-old model Libby Lopez meet for the first time at their luxurious lakeside home in Chicago, where they will begin their quest for love by meeting eligible men from across the country.

“We Will Meet Again”
April, Libby and Rachel set off in different directions across the country to begin their one-on-one dates.

“You’ll See the Sparkle”
The men are shocked when the ladies' loved ones crash their next round of dates.

“It’s Totally Worth the Wait...I Promise”
Libby has a change of heart, and says goodbye to one of her suitors. Rachel learns to relax and enjoy her dates confirming that she is ready to move on.

“You Should Feel Lucky”
Romance buds when the ladies visit their guys' hometowns all over the country.

“Butterfly Thing”
The ladies face their most difficult decision yet - paring their potential boyfriends down to 2.

“Life is Right Now in Paradise”
The ladies and their men travel to the tropical paradise of Hawaii for the penultimate round of dates.

“You’re It, Mister”
The ladies and their men travel to the tropical paradise of Hawaii for the penultimate round of dates.

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