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Saturday-Sunday 10 PM

Buddy Valastro and his cake crew including his four sisters, two brothers-in-law, cousins and the family matriarch, Momma, are back and whipping up amazing cake creations. Over the years, the team has successfully made Carlo’s Bakery a household name and as the business has grown, so have their responsibilities. But at the end of the day, Buddy wants to be true to his roots...cake and family. Whatever the challenge, the Valastro’s prove that no matter how sticky the situation… the family that bakes together stays together!

After 50 years and millions of customers, it’s time to renovate the original Carlo’s bakery. It’s a bittersweet process as the family reminisces over the memories they’ve made spanning the past half a century. It’s as if the walls can talk when the crew uncovers a long buried message left for Buddy’s Dad decades ago. Even though the bakery is under construction the cakes must go on. Buddy is asked to honor Hoboken’s most famous resident, Frank Sinatra, by making a cake to commemorate the crooner’s 100th birthday. It’s all hands on deck this week and even Mary and Madeline pitch in to keep a longtime customer happy. Everyone is feeling the stress with only a week to get it all done. Nothing can go wrong… but something always does.

It’s all about color when Buddy creates a Carnival cake for a local Brazilian restaurant –hopefully nothing gets lost in-translation. Back at the bakery, love is in the air as the Valentine’s Day rush has everyone pitching in, old school style. At home, Buddy helps his 7 year-old-son, Marco, impress his Valentine by doing what Valastro guys do best… bake!

Things quickly get out-of-hand when Buddy fills an order for an ice-fishing cake. An important client requests a naked cake. This naked trend may have made its way to Jersey, but Buddy has yet to embrace this controversial cake. Joe and Grace are recently “empty nesters” and they’re handling it very differently. Joe? He’s happy to have some time to himself. Grace? She is ready to fill up the house all over again.

Things really get cooking when the guys go for a consultation at a butchers and take a slab of inspiration home for lunch. There's more than a "meat" covered cake to eat when Buddy, the baker, also tries to become a butcher. Meanwhile, Baby Carlo isn’t such a baby anymore, he’s turning 4! Buddy makes his son an old-school birthday cake just like his dad made for him. Hard work runs in the family, and Buddy’s nephew, Little Buddy, wants to prove he’s got what it takes to make it at the bakery, but he may find it harder than he thought to cut it at Carlo’s.

One part St. Patrick’s Day… one part pig roast… it’s St. Piggy’s Day, and it’s a huge deal in New Jersey. This year, the people behind the event asked Buddy and his team to make a cake fit for a pig - both outside and in. That means real bacon buttercream, baby! Frustrated to learn his famous banana cream pies aren't selling, Buddy calls on Joey and Mauro to try their traditional recipe against a brand new one. May the better pie win! Buddy’s sister, Mary, sets her sights on merchandise. But, her flair for fashion includes more bling than Buddy bargained for... a lot more.

This week size does matter as Buddy makes everything larger than life. One of America’s oldest pizzerias is turning 110 and they need a cake worthy of the huge milestone. Buddy’s sister, Madeline, takes an order for a cake covered in small sugar flowers. Madeline promises a traditional cake, but when Buddy goes rogue and tries something new it may not be a bed of roses. Buddy decides it’s time his boys learn discipline at the bakery.

Cake Boss, Saturday-Sunday 10 PM, only on TLC.

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