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Food Paradise

Fantastic food is more important to many travelers than museums, hotels, and souvenirs, and we've compiled all the must-see spots across America to have a one-of-a-kind dining experience. We're serving up hefty plates of the country's tastiest, most mouth-watering, and decadent meals. We're talking lip smacking pizza, tasty deli entrees, boat loads of bacon, fresh seafood, finger licking deep fried dishes, and that's only the beginning. So bring your appetite and your stretchy pants as we dive into a healthy portion of Food Paradise!

Candy Queen

Candy Queen brings viewers into the deliciously chaotic world of Hollywood's favorite candy stylist Jackie Sorkin. Watch as Jackie struggles to balance her growing business and family while she and her team scramble to create something fabulous for her clients special events. Jackie's one of a kind candy creations are sweet, but making them is no piece of cake. Part docusoap in the shop and with family, and part food challenge, Jackie may find herself in some sticky situations, but in the end, the Candy Queen always delivers the goodies.

Surfing 28 States

‘Surfing 28 States: India’ is an adventure travel series that documents a three-month sojourn by Aussie surfers and filmmakers Jonno Durrant and Stefan Hunt as they make their way across the 28 different states that make up modern day India. “This was the most challenging and insane adventure of my lifetime,” Stefan says. Jonno and Stefan perform charitable works amid India’s diverse 28 states, while using rickshaws, yaks, waterslides and still other interesting means to “surf” even those that are landlocked.

Jamie's Sugar Rush

Jamie's Sugar Rush Jamie Oliver investigates the huge contribution sugar is making to rising global health problems, with experts warning that excess sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco, contributing to huge rises in obesity and type 2 diabetes. He meets people suffering the devastating effects of type 2 diabetes, including leg amputation, and talks to a dentist who frequently has to remove milk and adult teeth from primary school children. Jamie analyses a typical day's food and drink and reveals how much sugar is getting into our healthy-looking foods without us realising. And he travels to Mexico, where more than two thirds of adults are obese or overweight and type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of death. Inspired by Mexico's soda tax of 10% on drinks with added sugar, he decides to introduce a surcharge on cold drinks with added sugar sold in his UK restaurants, with the money raised going to food education programmes.

Simply Nigella Christmas Special

Follow Nigella as she decamps to the countryside for her coziest Christmas yet. Recipes include roast duck, garlic and parmesan mashed potato gratin and brandy salted caramel ice cream – the perfect ones for Christmas.

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