Queens Vs Kings

Men and women have been at odds against each other in the battle of comedy to prove who is funnier with their witty humour. Anu Menon is serving as the Queen with her squad (Supriya Joshi, Kavya Bector and Saadiya Ali) and Varun Thakur is serving as the King with his squad (Utsav Chakraborty, Kumar Varun, Siddharth Dudeja). And to make things even more interesting, Rahul Subramanian is setting the stage for an ultimate faceoff and even the odds in comedy. It's time we let the Queen aka Anu Menon and King aka Varun Thakur tussle with each other and entertain you with the twisted puns and rib-tickling comedy. It’s time for the queens and kings of comedy to battle it out with the superpower of comedy on #QueensVsKings. If there is anything that can #EvenTheOdds is a good joke!