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As sweet as a soufflé or as savory as a stew; watch the best of TLC's food competition shows on Legendary Kitchens, every night at 9pm, only on TLC. Shows to look out for on Legendary Kitchens -


Chopped is a cooking competition that's all about skill, speed and ingenuity, where four up-and-coming chefs compete before a panel of three expert judges. Course by course, the chefs must take a basket of mystery ingredients and turn it into an extraordinary meal. Then, they must survive the Chopping Block, where the judges are waiting to be wowed and are not shy about voicing their culinary criticisms! Host Ted Allen leads the high-energy, high-pressure competition, and in the end, only one chef will make the cut and win $10,000.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Adriano Zumbo is a man who turns fantasy into reality. He has created a sweet empire, and earned himself the reputation as Australia's very own Willy Wonka. Under his watchful eye, 12 amateur dessert makers compete in the Dessert Factory. It's a land of pure imagination, where contestants will make magic happen! But it's not all sweetness and light. With an elimination every episode, it's sudden death by dessert. And for the victor $100,000 and one of their desserts on sale in Zumbo's stores. Get ready for the ultimate eye candy! Each episode features two dessert challenges the SWEET SENSATIONS TASK and the ZUMBO TEST. In the SWEET SENSATIONS TASK all contestants create desserts to a magical challenge theme, set by Zumbo. Think gravity defying desserts, flaming desserts and Frankendesserts two desserts in one! The two contestants with the weakest creation will compete in the ZUMBO TEST. The ZUMBO TEST is sudden death by dessert as the contestants attempt to replicate a specially designed dish from the magician himself Adriano Zumbo. Each ZUMBO TEST creation is revealed under the magical Dessert Dome. In every episode, the contestant with the weakest dish will be eliminated. Adriano Zumbo will judge every creation in the competition. Joining him is British queen of desserts, Rachel Khoo. It's time to make some magic!

Extreme Cake Makers

This series lifts the lid on the successes and failures of a crazy, creative and elite group who go all out to produce the world's most delicious and breath-taking creations, turning cakes into works of art. Thanks to the baking revolution we've once again fallen in love with cake, and no party is now complete without a show-stopping sponge. But to make wowing wedding cakes and bumper birthday bakes takes a special kind of cake maker.

Man v. Food

Passionate foodie Adam Richman is on a hunger quest to find the most mouth-watering pig out joints. In food towns across America, Adam will settle down in different legendary local eating establishments getting to know the staff and the patrons, uncovering the secrets in why each restaurant is a must-visit. But his real mission is to conquer the local food challenges designed to challenge man's gastronomic limits. Watch him race against time and push the limits of the human stomach to polish off these monster challenges. Adam is no competitive eater, he is just a regular guy with a serious appetite.

Ultimate Cake Off

The greatest cake artists in the world go head to head in competition to build the ultimate cake. Each week, three renowned cake decorators lead their teams to build cakes over five feet tall, weighing hundreds of pounds. These cakes are themed to fit a marquee event where the winning cake will be showcased as a centerpiece. Normally, it would take weeks to construct cakes of this magnitude. Our experts will have just nine hours. Who will have the vision, skill and determination to create the ultimate cake?

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