Women Wonders

All March, every night 9 pm


TLC celebrates Women's Day all of March with Women Wonders, chronicling the real life journeys of the best renowned female chefs, travelers and stylists. Watch these unparalleled women's stories and their encouraging approach towards life that will inspire you to set all new goals for yourself. Don't miss the Women Wonders every night at 9pm, only on TLC.

Mini Me

Hosted by one of India’s favorite TV personalities – celebrity Mini Mathur. The series Mini Me has Mini and her sassy 7 year old daughter Saira traipsing across Europe, exploring the sights and sounds and also their Unique mom-daughter relationship. Mini is your typical 21st century mom and has lived her life on her own terms, in this series she’s teaching her daughter how to be an independent woman. Through travel, food halts and doing not-so touristy things, she teaches her daughter a thing or two about life- like making choices on your own, of living on a budget, the importance of making mistakes and learning from them, of finding yourself etc. The show is all about two girls who travel - 2 girls in different cities, 2 very unique characters- an independent mom and a feisty 7-year-old with a mind of her own - it’s got a lot of emotional highs running through it.

Nigella: At my table

Nigella Lawson is back with a brand-new series, packed with simple recipes full of complex flavor. The food we can all bring to our own tables, vibrant and varied yet always relaxed.

Curvy Brides

Sisters Yukia and Yuneisia own Curvaceous Couture, known for stocking high-fashion dresses. They specialise in dressing full-bodied brides and fulfil the requests made by their clients.






Nigella at my table