Queens v/s Kings

coming soon


For the longest time, men and women have been at odds with each other. It's time we let them even these odds, with twisted puns and wicked phrases. Let it be known that they are here to claim the throne of comedy.

Varun Thakur and Anu Menon will be serving as Kings leader and Queens leader respectively. Each will have a squad of Kings and Queens under their reign who will be performing several rounds during the course of the show. To make things better, the host Rahul Subramaniam will set the stage for the faceoff.

So if you are ready to be part of the first ever stand-up show where men and women fight to be the ultimate leaders of the comedy genre, then this is the place for you. Tune-in to TLC, revel in laughter like never before because here, the odds are ever in your favour. Buy yourselves an instant vacation to a world of comedy that is unlike any other.