Man Up

Wednesdays 7 pm


The mad scientist Dr. Rachel Patel brought to life by the standup comic Supriya Joshi is here with a revolutionary remedy for daily sexism! Trained under her expertise, her trophy assistant played by Raashul Tandon charms you with his gentleman-ness. With Dr. Rachel’s sassy sarcasm and her assistant’s goofy behaviour, they make an awesome team!

Putting an end to sexism cannot happen overnight, or so we thought until Dr. Rachel’s Man Up therapy came to be! Taking instances from our daily life, Dr. Rachel has invented many solutions to help the men in your life to Man Up.

Catch this one of a kind, tongue in cheek, wit on point, supreme in satire, setting sexism on fire show - Man Up on Rise by TLC. New webisode every Wednesday 7 PM.