The Calling

the calling
The Calling' is a new show from TLC which will provide a food and travel scholarship to the one who has an aspiration or inner calling to travel and explore the world. We looked for aspirants who want to follow their passion and are willing to take the leap of faith to fulfil this dream. TLC introduces the three chosen ones for ‘The Calling’ – Gaurav, Atmaj and Preethi
33 Delhi Gaurav is a musician and a voice artist. Having grown up in different countries, Gaurav also has a knack to belt out some accents along with his tunes. With his unique upbringing, he connects with people through his love for music. For him what makes a place interesting are the 'people'. .
27 Hyderabad Preethi is an MBA graduate and works in the financial sector. But Preethi actually loves to travel and to write.
After a solo trip to Europe, Preethi found her true love and calling- travel. Being in a corporate job made her realise the mundane routine and this ignited a thirst in her to experience the world, one destination at a time. .
26 Mumbai Atmaj is a lifestyle blogger and covers travels, music, events and everything related to culture and pop culture.
He sits behind a desk writing 3,000 words a day but he actually wants to do everything in real life, be it travel or culture.
Atmaj wishes to live a life beyond his laptop screen and Instagram and soak in all the experience, real time!

On the show, in every episode, the finalists will compete against each other to win the episode challenge and complete their bucket list at the destination. The one with the most miles (points) earned in the episode challenges is declared as the winner of the show and will stand a chance to accept the TLC food & travel scholarship – a chance to be one of TLC’s official vlogger for a year.

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