Lavish Living

Saturday-Sunday 8pm


Unreal Estate

Hosted by top TV Australian personalities - Cameron Knight & Kate Langbroek; witness some of the most extravagant homes in Australia. From gorgeous getaways in exotic places to party houses with expensive toys, this is a world of serious house envy.


Epic will explore the most expensive, excessive and outrageous extravagances people are willing to fork over their life savings for. From tricked out RVs to log cabins that put most mansions to shame; we'll find out how it's made, how it works, just what makes it so expensive and why in the world someone spent a cool $8 million on a swimming pool! From log cabins to swimming pools to yachts to floating homes, it has it all! Engineers, contractors, and builders illustrate how it was designed, what it took to build it and how it works. We will show each featured creation in action, and if there is a big red button that makes something cool happen, you can be sure we're going to push it!